©️ copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett

In recent weeks I have been working in prayer ministry and began discerning something attached to daughters in the generational line, particularly first born daughters. Many of them had similar complaints and mishaps in their lives. In one case I started discerning a throne that this woman was suppose to be sitting on, ruling and reigning with Christ but instead she was to the side of it and a court jester was behind the throne. He was basically controlling her life and wreaking havoc in it and breeding insanity. He was also mocking her position and her life. The woman had puppet strings on her. In asking the Lord what this meant he showed me a father in her generational line that was elevated in the air, looking down on his daughter listening to a demonic influence as it whispered in the fathers ear. The Lord showed me that the father listened to the doctrine of demons and traded his daughter for instant gratification or information. He then revealed to me that it was rooted in the lust of the world. Any time we are deceived or consumed by the desires of our heart for success or power or money, we basically re-empower this force. God showed me that this trading was a sexual sacrifice because this father gave her away in exchange for information given by the demonic spirit.

The vision went on to reveal the ungodly kingdom where this court jester sabotages the women, sets them up for failure and even works to send an imposter into their lives with regards to marriage. In researching this vision and this jester I Googled court jester and Freemasonry. To my surprise I found an entire division Freemasonry called the Royal Order of the Jester. This order gets together to just have fun. I felt that God was saying that this spiritual jester is poking fun and making a mockery out of others lives and the tragedies one has gone through. As the revelation played out I saw the jester holding a hypnotic wheel and as it turned six women from the family line turned to walk away from him but instead went into a hall of mirrors which scattered them into dimensions and bred insanity and chronic illness in the family line. God showed me this ungodly kingdom and the past generations that did not allow the Priestly and Kingly order of Melchizedek to be established in the generational line. This made a lot of sense considering these women I had been praying for all experienced opposition in the church and in the marketplace or their career.

God went on to give me more revelation about how the lust of the world opens this door. Following the doctrine of demons and trading their family no matter the cost for success or money. The jester even changed into an ungodly father that covered up his identity in an effort to deceive their daughters into rituals that included incest. It not only traded the daughters but it passed on the curse to the future generations.

After realizing all this I received more revelation about how chronic issues in our lives or things we do habitually are the open doors that re-empower this evil and it is through this enticement the enemy uses to lure us away from God’s ultimate plan for our lives. I think of the story of the Garden of Eden and I realized that Eve walked away from God’s plan for her life by following the enticement of the serpent, and Adam followed the enticement of the enemy by following Eve. We have traded the truth for a lie from the beginning and have wanted our way in all kinds of situations. It’s kind of subtle at times with simple things we struggle with like a food addiction or compulsively spending money and at other times its more detrimental to our well being with things like drug addiction. This revelation helped me understand just how much we need Jesus and the schemes of the enemy to take us out.

The Lord gave me a strategy on how to pray and it went a little something like this:

Repent for past generations who did not allow the priestly and kingly order of Melchizedek to be established but instead sought their own kingdom and repent for not bringing God’s kingdom to earth. Then ask Jesus as Melchizedek to intercede for our generations. Repent for the fathers who listened to the doctrine of demons and seducing spirits and for even entertaining them, for pursuing the lust of the world and trading the daughters (or any family member) into sexual slavery. Break ungodly soul ties with ungodly fathers, and ask the Lord to establish His priestly and kingly order.

This was pretty amazing revelation for me and I am so thankful God shared it with me.