Based on Revelation given in Revelation 18, dealing with the modern day Babylon and her destruction because of her drunkenness on the blood of Gods saints and prophets.


I, __________________ , as a representative of my family bloodline do hereby wish to declare the Lord’s sovereignty, and my families sovereignty, As a representative of my family line, I choose to be recognized on this date _______,  as an ecclesiastical state, a territory formerly governed by any ungodly principality in rulership over the church, the New World Order, or Rome and I am separating myself from the church and state of this world who is currently under the rule of a principality not in agreement with the courts of the Most High God, is challenging the authority of Christ to be the head of that church, is currently murdering your prophetic people through gossip and slander and wanting their ears tickled, and is currently operating in the spirit of the Anti-Christ and is walking in corruption. I declare that Jesus Christ has already paid for my sin in full and I am not in agreement with those that are challenging that fact.

I confess that it has been recently brought to my attention that secret societies and religions maybe even dated back to Babylon itself, have infiltrated the bride of Christ. I declare that I am not in agreement with this current or coming deception and I am asking to be separated out and marked with the blood of Jesus, as were the Israelites at Passover. I repent for the utter deception and out right rebellion of your church towards the words and laws you have ordained in the true word of God, the BIBLE. I repent for those twisting the word of God to support their lifestyles.

I repent for churches that signed up under tax codes in error, that cause their religious freedom to now be in question. I repent for those who are silencing those churches and prophetic ministries and are trying to make them submit to a structure that contradicts the word of God. Please give your bride new revelation for structuring the body in a way that separates them from church and States sin and rebellion against you. I repent for my bloodlines disobedience and for all the times we walked away from your covenant of protection. I repent for the times my bloodline entered into sin and didn’t realize they were giving entrance to the enemy to affect the future of our family bloodline. I further repent for those in our family lines that sided with religious authorities, who through the years devised wicked plans to make man the head of the church and to usher in the Anti-christ, instead of allowing you, your rightful place as the Head of the church.  I recognize some church heritage is defiled and is rooted in ungodly leaders murdering and sacrificing your true prophets who came to give warning. I also repent for those that used the power of life and death in their tongue and spoke evil over prophets that had been ran off , silenced or conspired against. Please forgive us from slander and gossip used to destroy character and to drive your prophets into seclusion as well as the ones previously who have lost their lives preaching your truth. Lord please forgive us for operating in the New World Orders mindset and for furthering their agendas and for sowing finances into those storehouses which kept the resources from people in need. Please separate my bloodline from this false Christ and false church system. I confess that although our nation is in distress, you are more concerned with the state of the church. I confess the church is the moral compass by which the nation is guided and that we have fallen into error in this area. In your word you gave your children Dominion in the earth and we have abandoned our watchtowers and positions to pursue the love of money, accumulate “stuff” through stealing, embezzling, and other ungodly ways, and to chase after the whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 18 and all of her luxuries. We are not sober minded but rather drunk on the adrenaline we find from shopping and accumulating things, without caring about our neighbor in need. We have abandoned family values and morality and we have committed adultery.  Your word States that we have “done what was right in our own eyes”, and we have forsaken you. In Psalm 144, you speak about those shaking hands with those in the right hand of falsehood. Lord, forgive us for taking people at their word and assuming they were like minded. Forgive us for being willing to give to those coming in the name of the Lord, but we were not willing to see if they yielded good fruit or bad. Please give us better discernment. Please forgive us for giving Dominion over, through our sin, to the Anti-Christ, who is only watching out for his own agenda and will never, no matter how that spirit lies, he will never care for us the way you have nor will he ever make provision for us the way you have.

Lord, we have forsaken your true guidelines for financial blessing.  We have sold off your storehouse and traded the truth for a lie. We have allowed the government to care for us and our families instead of being a church that took care of their own.  I confess the IRS system and other financial resources may be defiled and may start to impose things on your children that could lead to hard times and possibly empty shelves. Lord forgive us and help us get it right.  Lord, more and more freedom is being taken away from your people, please put a stop to this.  Please forgive us for not establishing your storehouse with enough provisions to keep your children out of danger.  Your word tells us to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse. We have not done this in a way that honors you and we ask for mercy and time in order to make this right. You did this for reasons that should blow our minds. You set up a system where saving and storing would provide all our families needs as well as those around us, but the key is to release it to those in need, in your timing. 2 Corinthians speaks of this in chapter 12:14 as well as other chapters in Hebrews. You set it up so there would be meat in your house. Man has taken the storehouse and kept it for themselves. Well meaning church members have sown into systems riddled with freemasonry and leaders have rarely cared for the sheep in the flock but instead, we have paid salaries, bought new cars, clothes and homes and have left out caring for the poor and needy. We haven’t even learned how to mourn with those who mourn. Parents have not been wise enough or empowered by the Holy Spirit to leave an inheritance for their children, and children have not been wise enough to manage and make investments of any inheritance. Some have stolen others inheritance and have re empowered curses on our finances. Some have even refused you, Mighty God, as our inheritance, and as in freemasonry, so it has been in the church, you have become the stone the builders rejected. O my God, pull our roots out once and for all. We reject all of of freemasonry. We also repent for those operating in the Illuminati or practicing psychic travel. We repent for using our gifts in the occult rather than in the Body of Christ and some have even hurt your children through made up, false prophecies and speaking negative words over people. I repent for the ones who have never “worked out their own salvation with fear and trembling”, and have worshipped you in spirit but not not in truth.

We choose you, we welcome you back into our storehouses, our barns, our places of worship, our homes, families and lives. Please do not leave us or forsake us. We choose YOU. Please o Lord forgive us for betraying you.  Our family lines did not choose meat, instead they chose to walk in immaturity never coming to the fullness of repentance, maturity and transformation. We have refused the Godly order you came to establish when Melchizadek walked the earth. We refused to be Kings and Priests or sons and daughters in your kingdom, and until now have never felt the need to repent.  Lord, have mercy on the prodigals that have walked away from the faith.  Raise up mouthpieces that can reach those lost in deception.

This is the year of jubilee where your word States we get what’s ours, back, but today Lord we ask that this would be your year of jubilee and that you would receive your position back as Head of the Church in America.  Forgive us for only looking at Hebrew festivals and traditions in order to get what’s rightfully ours.  Lord, we want you to come back to America and we want America to come back to you. Release a spirit Elijah to us Lord.  Father, please raise up a mediator in the White House to do your will. Someone unafraid to speak truth and abandon the world’s agendas and systems. Take the election Lord! We vote for you!

I confess we have sided with the    kingdom of darkness and we have offered tithes to religious systems that never fed your sheep, bound up the wounded or brought back the strays.     Instead they have padded their own pockets with tithes brought in from well meaning church members and tried to protect their own lifestyles to the point of covering sin rather than exposing it.  We have sold into a system governed by a church head out of the New World Order that is totally going against your plan and is laying up for themselves treasures in this world, which goes against the word of God.  Lord, please separate me from the ungodly crusading, murdering, and innocent bloodshed as well as the unequal scales that have been used to measure the world’s church members through hidden secrets and freemasonry that’s gone undetected for centuries. Please expose the dark secrets even to the level of news media and social media so nothing done in the church, in secret will not be exposed.  I renounce the counterfeit robe of righteousness and the hidden agendas connected to the Vatican where alien life forces are being studied and monitored as if they are expecting an alien Messiah to return. Lord, I renounce the coming of ungodly powers and principalities that some are predicting and the scientists that are experimenting in ways that would speed up this process.  Lord, please deal with these logical minds that have no belief in you. I renounce the coming deception your word talks about and I totally renounce the abomination that causes desolation that will be standing in our synagogues. I also renounce homosexuality and gender confusion within the church.  Lord, your word says confusion is not from God, so please Lord, deal with this spirit thats causing the identity crisis in your people.  Please cause people to desire and pursue holiness. Please release to your shepherds, strategies for combatting this spirit. Lord, I know these things will come and your word has been sent to warn us but today I stand in and ask for mercy. Not just for my family line and me but for our brothers and sisters in Christ that have not yet embraced the fullness of truth.

  Lord, I petition your courts and ask for a writ of Assistance to go out from your courts that will escort each one of us through this transformation needed within the church and will call your bride to wake up.  Help from heaven that will buy us some time to help evangelize your people. Lord, I apologize that it has taken us this long to understand these hidden secrets within the church, I apologize for not searching things out sooner and for not applying the blood over our doorpost.  Lord, when you have come to establish true freedom, your bride has willingly chosen a king to rule over us. Your word speaks of this.  I’m sorry those past generations chose slavery over freedom but today I appeal to the highest court of heaven and ask to be separated from those choices made by past ancestors. I want to be free, I want to go free and I am asking you to have mercy on our country.  Please Father of Justice and all that is right, command Pharaoh to let your people go once again.

In the coming election of 2016, we ask you to have your way, no matter what any spiritual or political principality wants.  We ask you to defy the works of men and press in with the help of your armies to give America an opportunity to repent.  Please raise up prophetic leaders that will hear and preach the same lessons your teaching us.  We know we cannot be alone in all of this revelation.  Please show us the stream we are to be in, a pure stream, undefiled by betrayal and deception. Too many of our beloved brothers and sisters are riddled with generational issues, sickness, disease, deception, and poverty. It feels that without your help, your bride cannot go forward.  Please break this curse.  Please establish your equal scales of Justice and make it a new agreement here today that I am no longer willing to do things according to legalistic and religious practices that are aligning with the New World Order. I’m no longer willing to be in a secret society protecting people from consequences within your church. I ask you to break all covenants of secrecy within your church and cause your church to repent wholeheartedly and to “Come out of Babylon!” I know you say that if we love you we will keep your commands and instead we have traded our saviour for a false blessing or an earthly treasure. Lord, many of your children have betrayed you. I stand and say I’m sorry!  Please remove the blemishes from your bride and raise up your end time hand maidens to release your true nurturing within the earth.  Have mercy on America and those deceived by the religious cloaks in dark places.  Father help your prophets and all five fold ministry rejects to come out on top, clear our names and expose all evil. Forgive us for silencing truth to the point of murder and false accusations, or the flip side of allowing some to go free when there should have benn consequences, and for agreeing with the anti Christ agenda.  Please forgive us for being unequally yolked and for agreeing and shaking hands with those in the right hand of falsehood spoken about in your word.  I choose to come out of the whore of Babylon and all of her wicked ways and I declare that system is defiled with an Anti Christ agenda and I declare sovereignty from that false religious covering and I declare myself and my family to be a territory formerly governed by any ungodly principality over Rome!! We declare ourselves to be an ecclesiastical state! Break off all 501(c)(3) curses and help us separate legally from this evil agenda.

We will only bow to you the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We ask you to be the ruler over all of our existence.  Please permanently separate us from all past and future emperors of Rome.  I ask you to declare this in the courts most high dated today.

In Jesus name,


@Copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett