Awake O’ Ekklesia of Christ, awake my bride right now. Arise to your places don’t look back for the enemy is cunning. Don’t go by what you see, go by what im saying. He will bow to me in the Whitehouse says God but not without your help for the Judas sits at the kings table and now they’re linking arms not one but 2 jezebels rising. They need to be addressed. Call for a boycott to boycott all thats false. Leave your safety zones your places of comfort and arise oh bride for the face off begins. Do not sink back for that brings failure. Go forward in my speed and utterance. Many of you will speak you will utter my words dont stop says the Lord. The challenge begins. The face off begins the bride verses the whore. Forward now gird up your loins speak in truth dont look for peace for none will be found at this moment. However brief, for im on your side but peace will not be found. Arise oh sleeper bride my bride awaken and be ready. Watch oh bride watch real close for mores about to come. Our President will stand alone real soon can you stand with him? Can you usher in my presence to a world thats lost in sin? Can you be the only ones speaking in? For very shortly “they” will lose their platforms and your ministries will begin. Be ready my bride, be ready my kids, for lonely is the road, but Mark my words and Mark them twice the season will be soon. My order, my order says the king of the jews and none other order will be, for i’ve declared and I’ve released it now go after the win. Hold on tight to my steady robe and do not waiver. Ive removed the hindrances and im opening doors for my words you will deliver. If your fearful and you can’t go on remove yourself right now, for my bride will do what I have led her and I will deal with you. Curse my prophets you’ll lose your way for this is not a game. Take it to heart and do not part just link your arms and pray. I will release words to you soon it may even start tonight for time is short to stand with him he needs you to light the way. Go now, dont fray, don’t sweat, don’t fear, just line up and be on watch for time is coming soon my friends where angels will bring the message. Write it down and keep with me for some of you will speak the words I give you dont hold back I promise you’re not a freak. Smile my children and link your arms the gate is open wide to call to arms the rest I have of my sleeping bride. Call for the boycott, do so soon. Boycott every lie. Choose life this day ill light the way just speak whats in your heart..God