A few tips in starting prayer calls or following prayer calls.

  1. Keep in mind everyone is at a different place spiritually. Some have not grown up in the church or if they have, they’ve received all kinds of variations of theology. We dont have to agree on theology to participate in intercession for our nation.
  2. Have thick skin. Getting offended easily is the enemies tactic of keeping you away from the battle. There more than likely will be people who are working against these calls on purpose. Ignore their words and if its bothered you, ask the Lord to disconnect you from ungodly words spoken on calls. God can release you from that person.
  3. Encourage respect of other people on the calls. It’s time we mature within the body of Christ
  4. Watch out for controlling, manipulative prayers and prophetic utterances. The prophetic has a great deal of immaturity within it. Don’t allow witchcraft to go on. Your spirit will know when somethings up. If leaders don’t respond to your complaints, find another call. There are plenty of them. Leaders! Pay attention! Don’t ignore warnings that may harm someone spiritually. We need to be Godly elders and leaders rather than ungodly ones.
  5. Log into your conference call and cover the call with the blood of Jesus. No need for formulas here just pray according to guidelines Mark Taylor has put out, pray over frequencies etc. None of the written prayers you see on this website or across the net should be used as a formula. They are launching pads for your own discussion and personal intimacy with the Lord.
  6. Don’t be concerned with numbers. God hears the hearts of those who are crying out. What matters is the motivation in which we’re taking this on. It is always wise before entering an environment like this that we check our own hearts and repent for any sin we may have and ask for a cleansing before we move into this type of prayer.
  7. Don’t engage in warfare that wears you out. God is all powerful. He has never needed us to tell him how to run heaven or earth. Stay humble in prayers, and know the authority God has given you. Engaging in improper warfare opens you up for spiritual hits. Binding and loosing, casting out, commanding, all good when repentance has already been addressed. God didn’t say to bind or loose to cleanse the land. He said to humble yourselves and turn or…repent. Backlash is not necessary, when one is engaging correctly. When you know who you are in Christ you can exercise great restraint and choose your words wisely. Remember God does things in order and decently. Things can get crazy when people are praying out of their authority.
  8. Silence your phones when you have background noise out of courtesy for the Lord. Don’t be a distraction, don’t worry about speaking out everytime. Agree with others silently if no ones giving you chance. We don’t need to have eyes on us when our hearts are right. Keep that in mind. Some people over talk as a sign or immaturity, give Grace.
  9. If you’re on my call, keep in mind I’m here, on every call ready and looking to mute people who are out of line. I don’t have a problem disconnecting someone from our call. Don’t distract by telling people to mute their phones. Have patience. A good leader will take care of it.
  10. These calls should never be a platform for self exaltation or self-promotion. Given the right context we may allow some words of encouragement and open discussion but only before or after the call. Many login to pray and need to get on with their day. Gods all powerful, he doesn’t need these prayers to drag on for hours. Our prayers are heard. We don’t have to beg God for anything guys. Just have a pure heart before him.
  11. I am not responsible for the lack of integrity happening in any other prayer call. If you’ve addressed something with a leader and they don’t correct the problem or address your complaint, be mature. Understand the leaders will be leaders, good or bad. You may need to disconnect from that call. The Lord has told people in His word to dust off your feet. Don’t idolize the calls or leaders. Their human beings at different places in spiritual understanding. The same as you and me. Find another call. Don’t give up, but don’t slander the leaders either. Gossip and slander is witchcraft! Don’t do it!
  12. Trying to enforce your beliefs on another person should not be tolerated. God has given every person free will. He wants them to come to a knowing in their spirit on their own, revelation won’t be for everyone. Some are not there. It is not our job to be an enforcer of anything in regards to beliefs. If you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs, determine what’s right for you. We’re too focused on being right sometimes. Disconnect if you must but please don’t slander. God’s holding us to excellence in this hour. Let’s be excellent!

God has called many people to this fight. Were all at different levels in our spiritual walk. Give Grace where it’s due and accountability when necessary. Don’t get comfortable or complacent. The enemy can creep into these calls. Have thick skin and stay united in prayers. Email me if you wish to have more information on starting a call in your own state!

Blessings on you all!