@ Copyright, Melissa Leggett, 2020

Lord Jesus,

I repent and renounce for all those in my family line addicted to the seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. I repent for those who though they knew you tapped into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and did whatever that tree commanded them to do in order to climb higher in the tower of babel. For those who wanted to build a gateway to God and only used the name of Jesus to keep themselves safe. For those who used the blood of Jesus to try and protect themselves from the consequences of this evil. Lord please break off this evil corruption from me and my bloodline. Please forgive us for channeling thru others and for using that channeling to find secret knowledge or track others in the spirit. Please block the third eye and give those psychics time to repent. We ask you to place a firewall of protection around our bloodlines and me and assign angelic protection to cover us in all seasons and during the winter and summer solstice. Forgive us for using portals and wormholes, ungodly gates and access points to track others and try to gain secret knowledge and promotion. Forgive me for those who dabbled in witchcraft, lawlessness and esoteric pagan rituals that gave the enemy the right to attack my health, finances, mental health, and overall well being.

Lord, I confess the seducing spirits have been cunning and crafty and have dressed themselves up as angels of light and in some cases we have followed them blindly, denying Jesus in our life by ignoring discernment. We have been enticed by the luxuries of the whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 18 and we have not allowed the word of God to be referenced in our lives. We’ve asked spirit guides to take the place of Jesus and we have grieved the Holy Spirit by taking his revelatory word and prostituted it. Forgive me for taking part in unholy competitiveness because i have self-worth issues and emptiness and lies in my heart that I have not addressed. Forgive me for all jealousy, envy, strife, secrecy and for hatred of those walking an upright lifestyle. Forgive me for using the knowledge ive gained through my gifts to point out flaws in others and try and set them up for failure. In some cases we sabotaged them and prayed against them and now have separated the glory of God from our lives because of those acts. We clearly have thought too highly of ourselves and cannot walk in humility and we’ve become unwilling to wait on the lord but rather gone searching for quick wealth, or influence, to the point where God is what we say we worship but if we did an inner inventory and got honest with him, we would see just how wicked our hearts have been. Lord, im no longer willing to be used by the enemy to complete a plan on earth that is not yours. I don’t want to be separated from you in any way or found bankrupt on the day of judgement which we can see is drawing nearer and nearer. Please close up all portals gates cracks and seams that have taken me into dimensions I do not belong in. Forgive me for those who did not reverence your name and I ask you to restore righteousness to my eyes. Don’t let me be an enemy informant without my knowledge. I choose to not be manipulated, controlled, or enticed by Satan or any of his minions, or co workers. I will not be bribed, coerced, seduced, or dragged into the enemies camp to deny you and your gifts and callings on my life. Satan doesn’t deserve that credit as he is the deceiver. Please forgive us for entering into covenant with Satan or lucifer and for calling him God in order to deceive the masses. Lord help me learn to identify when the seduces and alluring spirits are activated to draw me away from you. I realize I am not working for you when we participate in such evil and though it has its luxuries and benefits, I am no longer willing to sell out your plan for humanity for 30 pieces of silver. Please cleanse all of the 7 eyes if the lord you have given me and do not allow their to be any darkness left in me. I realize some have been working, following, and have been in covenant with the doctrines of demons and i’m no longer willing to be in covenant with such a worldly, ancient evil. I repent for innocent bloodshed sometimes required in order to master the psychic craft as that required in rosicrucianism and the illuminati and for involvement with secret societies where there’s always a blood sacrifice of the innocent that denies what Jesus did on the cross. Please remove all impurities in my discernment and close the third eye. I choose only to use my eyes for your glory, and forgive me for misusing and for not being a good steward over the gift and not referencing your true prophets of God and for sometimes trying to call myself that when clearly my family line had no humility. I make a choice to be purified today. Please search my heart and find no evil covenant within me and don’t let the enemy hijack the gift you put in me. I also renounce the world renown psychics assisting with leadership across the world to usher in a luciferian doctrine.

I renounce all kabbalistic mysticism, Jewish mysticism, psychic palm reading, fortune telling, soothsayers, warlocks, witches, upper room psychic travel, mystery schools of Babylon, illuminati training schools, governmental mind control, shock treatments,  esoteric religion and other pagan teachings that may have aligned us to the branches of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I confess that not everything good is from God and that even though Eve was deceived in the garden, there were still consequences for her. Please humble me and disconnect from all ungodly powers and only allow me to function as a member of the body of Christ. Forgive me for trying to play both sides and for thinking I’m something because of my gifting. Please close all access the enemy has to me and my family and break all ungoldy consequences off of me, my finances, my household, my bloodline and my sphere of influence. I will no longer operate as a spy in the camp of God’s chosen people.

Please disconnect me and my contacts, family, and friends fromall psychic influence, illuminati recruitment, and disconnect my family line from the bribes and take my finances out of the wicked wealth. Don’t let my finaces be targeted when your judgementcomes. I renounce all bribes and enticements from these evil wicked people. Please cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I want the Lord Jesus Christ in my life, more than any counterfeit.

In Jesus name I pray,