Father, on behalf of myself and the other Christians in my family line, I would like to apologize for the pride and disrespect we find in the church today. I would like to repent for cursing apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers simply because we may be jealous of the gifts they posess. I repent for all jealousy of those in churches other than the one my family was worshipping in and for forming clicks in the Body of Christ designed to keep certain people out. We repent for being jealous of others giftings and for walking in a ” fear of being left out”. We repent for those who ran off prophetic or pastoral voices that were sent by God to expose ungodliness and bring warnings and to encourage repentance. We repent for being quick to judge those voices and make judgements against them without being willing to hear them out. I repent for not granting grace to those obviously in a training time with you, exploring and learning how to operate in their gifts. We repent for never being able to see or hear correctly and for not being doers of the word. We repent for allowing witchcraft in the form of rebellion to wound innocent followers of Christ. We repent and renounce allowing leaders to dispose of those walking in wisdom and discernment. Father we confess that we have wounded very well meaning prophets, pastors, and others in your five fold ministry and have gone against your word stating to do the prophet no harm. We confess these sins have happened because of a root and a stronghold in self-preservation.

Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line I would like you to forgive us for not wanting or spending more time checking ourselves for error and for not being willing to show a person their faults in private, but rather conspiring against them with church leaders, members, and even others in our local communities. We repent for the arrogance that caused many of us to ignore the need to hold others accountable, especially if its leaderships own family members were the ones participating in the sin.

Forgive us for praying against other Christians, believing we are entitled to do that. We confess this behavior is done with wrong motivation and a lack of understanding. We repent for painting pictures of those we don’t care for, that have destroyed reputations and caused heartache to innocent people sent by God. Lord,  this should not be in the Body of Christ. We also repent for defiling the true bride by not being willing to walk in love and for showing no restraint when it comes to protecting ourselves from being found out.

We  repent for refusing to walk in obedience yet expecting the rewards connected to affiliation with a certain church or ministry. Things like positions in worship team, youth group, children’s ministries etc. We repent for worshipping God half -heartedly and for being willing to worship him in spirit but not in truth, for wanting to experience the power but could care less about the sin in our lives.  Father I confess this was never your plan for church. I repent for those willing to lie about where Christ may be, and for trying to recruit new members but denying the power of God which is an anti-christ spirit according to your word.  We repent for for coming in the name of the Lord but only to deceive others. Father please remove this ungodliness from the body which is a temple to the Holy Spirit. We repent for bringing defilement to the bride and for grieving he Holy Spirit. Lord we may have been wounded to a point of acting in a Jezebel spirit trying to manipulate and control others. Please forgive us.

We ask you to forgive us from operating from a position of pride and elitism, feeling we are better than others or our ministries are more important or more highly valued than others. We repent for calling down fire from heaven on our enemies without first pulling the plank out of our own eyes or first blessing our enemies. We repent for using discernment to get what we want instead of bringing people into more freedom.  We repent for calling good, evil and evil,good. We repent for using and abusing our positions in order to enthrone ourselves and lower others to a place of shame and slavery. I do not agree with this evil and ask you to break it off in Jesus name.

We also repent for mocking those called and gifted because we do not understand or for making fun of those sensing evil and being tormented by darkness. We repent for thinking we should all be happy all the time and never have a bad day when your word clearly states that we should mourn with those who mourn.  I confess that it is not weakness to show compassion and grant Grace when some are in total, utter torment by the enemy. We repent for escorting emotional people out of your presence in order to stay on track during service and to promote our own agendas instead of taking time to provide for their immediate need of comfort.  We repent for making church out to be a place of entertainment rather than a gathering of good news and the gospel. Forgive us for wandering too far away from your guidelines for churches.

On behalf of myself and my family line please forgive us for becoming non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of being able to accept donations and for not being willing to pay the gifted people in our churches  a decent wage for their time. We repent for using the excuse that we are a church and must do things for free when clearly some people cannot afford to just donate time. We do repent for the love of money in all areas including manipulating workers in the church to donate their time, sometimes for days at a time with no compensation. Lord, we know that is not your plan for your children to continuously struggle and we confess that it is a poverty spirit to withhold resources and pay from your children when they are in need.  We know your word says we are Kings and Priests and Royalty in your eyes. Please help us start valuing other workers and please restore respect to those workers who have put their heart and souls into supporting ministries and at times have had huge out of pocket expenses but we have ignored their need for any reimbursement. Lord your word says to bring the tithe into the storehouse which in hebrew actually means barn. Father in Levitical priesthood times they made a storehouse where those who brought things in could later return to make a withdraw if the needs arose. Father I confess we have lost this concept and are using items brought into the storehouse for things other than caring for your flock. We have driven many to seek assistance from other sources and have helped send some into poverty by withholding cash from some in need. Please break off this poverty spirit where we are only willing to give items but not to bless with cash when its needed. Please forgive us and bring new strategies and help from heaven to restore our giving and storing to honor your true meaning of the word. Help us to create a barn within the church where supplies and resources are made available to those in true need. Help us to not value worthless things but rather to provide for your children. Lord forgive us for being unwilling to stand and do the mature thing and forgive us for forgetting that every human should have freedom to come and go and be treated with respect and honor. Lord we also confess that at times we have gone the opposite way and honored what is dishonorable. We have turned our heads and pretended not to see the dishonorable thing being done to the church or its members, and it has brought on huge consequences. Forgive us Lord. Although we need to confess our sins sometimes we’ve not done it and we have opened a door to Satan and have deceived many in your flock by our secretive behavior. Father, your Holy Spirit does nothing in secret. Please forgive us for siding with sin and iniquity all the while maintaining positions of leadership where we should have been above reproach. We repent for screaming unity and for preaching unity always but really what we wanted was for all to agree with us and never challenge our authority, or position and to never test the spirits when it’s very much biblical to do so. Please break off our need for continual self-preservation to the point of being hurtful and selfish and for setting up a plot against those unwilling to follow the status quo held onto by ungodly leaders. Please forgive us for tolerating Jezebel or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Give us our backbone as a church and help us to obey your commands in regards to confrontation with those in sin. Help us not be afraid to test spirits and hold those in question, accountable. Lord, please bring back to your flock, the innocent, rejected, wounded, chosen, and loved people that have turned away from your church because of this rejection. Please make a place for these people who have a calling on their lives but have never had an opportunity to be used by you because of man and their own selfish desires. These remnant of people rejected by mainstream churches need to have a safe place, within a fellowship of like-minded believers. Lord, we also ask you to forgive us for making judgements we know nothing about when we have misjudged those who have left because of this hurt. Please put us all in our proper places and teach us what the church really should look like, free of ungodly thrones and principalities working in dark places.

Please forgive our holier than thou attitudes towards sin in the church and for being involved in cursing your saints and children. Father we pray that you would restore the church to its glorious position and you would help each individual flock heal from these wounds that have been placed on them and that they would be able to move forward into the calling you have chosen for them. I choose to bless the five fold ministry and not to mock it, wound it, or invite it to leave. Please release the maturity needed for these flocks to walk in true solid service capable of receiving solid food. Helps us to grow up, out of these childish behaviors into the full bride you want us to be. In Jesus Name, Amen!


(C) Copyright, 2016, Melissa Leggett, All rights reserved