This is a specific target related prayer  to deal with the many, many years and possibly generations of people that have tried to change DNA from God’s design. We reject that evil and are asking God to heal our land.

Father, we come to your courtroom and we humbly repent for turning a blind eye and a deaf ear while evil moved in to destroy the land. We repent for not standing up to heal the land. Father, we repent for allowing geo-engineering, genetic modification of the seeds and soil, and for the worship of a technology not birthed out of your revelation or breath but birthed out of an evil fallen sons of God agenda. We repent for sitting still while the scientists have tried desperately to become like God and invent things that were never inspired by you. Father, please forgive these logical mindsets and bring these people to utter repentance. Father, we repent for disbelieving reports out of fear, that it was just a conspiracy or for being afraid to admit that conspiracies could be real because we might look or feel stupid.  Father, please forgive us for allowing big named new world order participants to buy up our science laboratories, telescopes, medical labs and other facilities where we should have been focusing on healing the land and not destroying it. Please forgive our nation for allowing places designed to research ungodly formulas and others to exist in our country and for giving them legal rights to operate here. Forgive us for allowing these scientific minds to manipulate the weather, stir up storms and earthquakes, to change the genetics of our DNA or the DNA of animals, plants, or the soil and for trying to usher in an anti- Christ rule in our nation. Forgive us Lord in your courtroom for not recognizing the truth behind these evil plots. Forgive us for also allowing the new world order to purchase television stations such as the weather channel and others so they may hide their plan and use frequencies to complete their new world agenda. Lord please forgive us for calling evil, good and good, evil. Father, please forgive us for using discernment for talking to Angels intead of talking to you, for getting our information from illegal sources that we have sometimes sought out, as humanity seeks to be like you outside of Jesus. Lord our population has been riddled with lies deceit, sickness, disease and manipulation of even the elements. Forgive us for allowing this counterfeit system to be housed on our land. We ask in your court of law that this weather manipulation, geo engineering and genetic modification of seeds and soil be uprooted from our nation. Please do not allow this horrible thing to continue. Please disconnect America from this globalist agenda to breed fear and bring end times, before your time. Please God help your nation’s to wise up to this cover up and not tolerate it here anymore. Lord your word sya that “with God, ALL things are possible. We ask you to cleanse the elements that are being sprayed into the atmosphere, we ask you to remove the funding for such research and we ask you to heal the land. Please remove the contaminents from our blood that may be bringing sickness and please restore the DNA and rna in our physical bodies as well as in our soil to the original design. Lord Jesus we believe you have a good plan for your children and that you are exposing these evils so they may be covered in the blood of Jesus. As your remnant we do not agree with these conspiracies to control population, to change weather patterns and to steal kill and destroy humanity. We reject the agenda and ask you to teach us what it means to  be our brothers keeper. We confess caring for our brother does not include allowing genetic modification  and geo engineering to  go on.  Please remove the blinders on the scientists playing games with Creator and give them a chance to repent. Help us be saved from all these man made disasters and Lord please have mercy on humanity for siding with an agenda to usher in the end times before your time. We ask that you remove the technology of the Babylonians that sought to be enlightened up to heaven without Jesus. We, as your body, welcome the healing of our land and our physical bodies. Expose all of it Lord and please deal with those boxing others in with a glass ceiling. Forgive us for allowing the almighty dollar to fund such nonsense and ignorance. Please disconnect our finances from  the consequences of this evil. Father please release your warriors to engage in  battle against these lies and please deal with their close mindedness and rebellion towards you. Please restore the elements of creation back to their original design and stop all manipulation. In Jesus name. Amen.

©️ copyright, 2017, Melissa Leggett