I’ve had an amazing morning of prayer time today. So many things have clicked for me into AHA! moments.

God is putting so many things together into one huge message. I don’t even have it all yet and I hope I do it justice. This post may be kind of lengthy but I almost can’t contain myself with the download. I know it will go into a book eventually.

I’ll start with this, picture a New York skyline for a moment, imagine the food carts, the traffic lights, the horns honking, the high heels and business suits, the coffee houses, and sandwich shops. Imagine the pushing of the crowd to go forward and imagine the opposition when someone’s headed the wrong way. The uphill battle of trying to flow in a crowd going the other way. Now imagine this in every neighborhood in every town, in every state. Now imagine the corporate world and how it’s infiltrated our homes and our schools and churches. This same business mind. The continual desire to go in the same direction everyday, or every week in the pulpit, work or school, the push to hang out in the hippest of places, shop in the most expensive stores and attend the fanciest mega church on the corner. Now stop!!! Take a look around you. The widow, the orphan, the homeless man, the Porsche flying right past them, the man picking up his $500. Suit from the cleaners, the holy spirit fluttering around him. He’s oblivious. Why is he oblivious to the Holy Spirit? Because the system has shut him ( the Holy Spirit) down. Once you step into this corporate brain that operates our world it’s go ,go,go. No time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late I’m late I’m late! We need to know that the masonic hold is based in the God of the world who I believe is man! Masons theory is they can always, always build a gateway to God without his son. Wanna know why Mark Taylor has cautioned us about the 501(c)(3)? Because this is the beast! The god of this world has to make sacrifices to get to the top. You’re expected to climb the ladder at the expense of other humans. Maybe it’s your children, maybe your spouse. Maybe you get so addicted that you don’t even realize you’ve tapped out your finances and before long you’re embezzling, commiting adultery, you’re miserable, yet you don’t get a coffee break in this corporate world. You must earn your way to the top and you’re probably walking right past the person in need and ignoring them. I mean after all we know by Hollywood’s scripts how many have the tendency in the corporate world to have their phone in one hand and their coffee in the other. We don’t get to stop because when we stop, the production stops, the contracts stop, jobs are stalled.

Now here’s the eye opener me, imagine this corporate skyline is an outside source that moved into the mainland in order to infiltrate it. God’s word says he’s pretty much always given the land to the people. The land is their inheritance. In Bible times, the land gave fruit. We lived off our land. Fruits and vegetables and abundance. You can go visit a farmers market and feel the atmosphere and caring there. It’s so different than you going to the mall. So many at the farmers market care about people. They grow their own food not only to eat but to care for health and welfare. If you’re blessed, as I have been, you will always see a smile. The people are sitting in camp chairs, under a canopy, sipping iced tea, with their dog on a leash at their feet, their bartering, trading, and investing, but nowhere are they sacrificing their families. In the summer they may even bring their children to work. Their teaching the next generation how to be a good stewards of the land, their investing in their families. Based on these two picture’s, the Lord has identified for me the beast system versus his priestly order in the earth. We are all priests, all suppose to spread the gospel but how does one navigate this when the system holds all the cards so to speak? How do we fit in when we’ve been ran off? Many outcasts because they didn’t fit into the system, many sacrifices.

Well the beastly system is mentioned in Revelation 18. I’ll let you search that out but it’s clear the system survives on the slaves investment into it. When too many are members, they simply remove through murder and character assassination. We have all been there. We know rejection. Our loved ones have rejected us in many cases. So what’s the strategy Lord? I already asked him and this is what he said.

Give Caesar what is Caesars and give me what’s mine. Invest in humanity, be obedient. Invest in the widow and the orphan. Do what we all can do to break slavery off of them. Don’t dig for the pennies in your purse, you know the ones I speak of, they have gum stuck to them and hair balls. Give them what their worth. Show them love through our actions, not our words. Talk is cheap.

I’m still studying Revelation 18. It comes to me regularly but what hits me is when he’s telling us to come out of the whore of Babylon. Come out of her he says so we will not partake in her sins for she is guilty of being drunk on the blood of the saints and prophets. That’s us people. That’s every human, from every walk of life. Stop investing in that system. Instead consider the law of sowing and reaping. Each of you have seeds, those, are your resources, their not monetary always, their what you know to be true, their the extra rake in your yard, the extra can of organic top of the line beans or fruit. Their your best. Take that, start with just that, locate those resources, find the neighbor without a rake. Maybe their struggling with sickness, most sickness is due to poor nutrition. Take them organic vegetables. Do your best. Your very, very best. Start there. Remnant we have already repented, we’re now waiting on our Lord to do something. Gather your resources, we will call them seeds from now on. Take your handful of seeds and scatter them into your sphere of influence. No respector of persons, no judgement, no lectures, no religious chatter, and please, no manipulation or control. Just give, just scatter your seeds. Then get up and go into work (aka the system) and gather more resources. Give Caesar what is Caesars and God what’s God’s. When we invest in others we are trusting our God to come through for us completely. Spread hope right now as we wait for our Savior to destroy the system completely!! Don’t sow another penny, not even the one with gum stuck to it. Don’t let the system sacrifice another human being with your money. Invest in people. The Lord told me years ago that he put the ing in KING, he put the ing in everything, investing, trading, farming, bartering. Of course I didn’t get my aha until today but I hear him now. We own the stock market. We invest in what God is doing and in his people, NOT in the beast. That’s how we move from Beast to Priest. The man or woman of God knows that to our God, MAN is his whole world. We value humanity and work towards that goal, to set others free.

Blessings to you all.


©️ copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett