Hear ye, hear ye, Jezebels rule is over, no longer will I tolerate her now, it’s coming fast, get out before I burn it down, leave your witchcraft and your houses. Nothing is too big for me. Jezebels controlled, manipulated and spoke lies and deceit against my remnant and I’m done. You have said you’re done but you cannot fathom what happens when I the Lord Most High am done. Come out of her my people! blow the trumpet, you who think you’re righteous, covering your sin, come out of her, be transparent, repent and stop walking in false humility, you platforms who think you’re just, I say to you “How do YOU treat my remnant? How do YOU treat my prophets? How dare you play God without my spirit, you do not know a persons heart. How dare you speak in secret and think I do not know. I see it all, I hear it all. Honor the truth tellers now, for if you don’t, it can represent your demise. How dare you people of God puff yourselves up like this, I told you a last warning would come and hear it is, the last warning, come out of her now and weep and wail for your mistakes, make it right before you get left says the Lord. Do it now! don’t wait, for Jezebel will be swallowed up, in a war where you will have no chance. You cannot win, do it now for how dare you say my name and curse my prophets, how dare you.
I say to Israel rise up oh, leaders and take down the giant, the one that’s infiltrated your land. I will not tolerate her any longer and you better not either, take her down or I will do it myself. You will not escape the fire and fury of my atom bomb. I will destroy those who have tolerated her, theres a cell still murdering, still trafficking, take it down or I will. No more waiting. You’ve been warned. The war will come and much bloodshed will be allowed if you tolerate this whore a minute longer. The plans in place, you know the way, I’ve shared it already, do it or I will. Last warning the shot around the world, your God will not tolerate the the way you treat the weak and lowly, fix it now or you’re done. 
Intercessors! Go for war now for if your leaders do not remove her, the nation will crumble at the wait of the bloodshed. Prepare now and pray, do not tolerate the infidels, do not tolerate them! Israel and America! Do not! Rise up now and pray for mercy and wisdom for your leaders must take action now. My Deborah’s will rule after this reign is over but they must act now, the meeting place of secret has issued their own decrees, now you must rise up now and pray for your leaders. It must end now. This reign is over! Go for war and ask the lord to compel your leaders to shut it down. Their whisperising and making plans. This man, obama thinks he will never mourn but I say ha for in one hour you will lose it all. You have gone too far and I’m in it now. You will regret the very first day you ever rebelled against me. You will be placed in the square for all to mock you. Very public humiliation coming to this man obama. He forgets I am his breath, and he lives not without it. I’m lifting my hand and this man will be defeated. Pray you intercessors for your leaders must not wait, go now before I issue a judgement.