We the people of the United States of America do come before our sovereign Lord and Savior and ask for forgiveness for allowing this deep state to take root in our nation. We ask your forgiveness and petition the highest courts and council of the one true God. We bring before the grievances that some of these issues have been out of our control. We are grieved with the blood sacrifices and human trafficking and slavery that’s gone on here. We recognize idol worship now Lord in all their corporate businesses and churches. Father forgive us for allowing the brick and mortar of this fallen world to cap off your Holy Spirit. Forgive us for being in competition for status or wealth when all along this is a system you’re NOT blessing right now. Lord, we confess that we are not perfect and we have made mistakes but Lord we are no longer willing to partner with this unholy branch of the tree of knowledge. We have sold ourselves short by focusing too much on a building instead of cleaning out our bodies and making them holy temples. Forgive us Lord. Acts 17:24 and acts 7:48, tells us you do not dwell in temples made with human hands. Please forgive us for siding with the deep state that’s operating within your church. Help us Lord to take a look around and seek your face in the days to come as to how we must reformat your bride.

Through much discernment it has been made known the owls that we see in courtyards and street corners may represent the ungodly watchers that have been seeking to devour the next sacrifice. Lord in California, we repent specifically for the secret rituals performed at Bohemian Grove. We renounce the secrets, the owl, the sacrifices, and all the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. Forgive us for not using discernment and wisdom when voting. Lord Jesus, the seven eyes of the Lord are what you have given us as a standard for living and our discernment. Your word tells us the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!” Our local state government is not operating in the fear of the Lord. Lord, we declare this is a trespass against us, oh God. We are petitioning your courts to end human sacrifice and trafficking once and for all . We have had enough of this evil. We are asking that you specifically remove Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and others who are pushing for ungodly rules and are unwilling to follow your laws. Lord they have also used false witness to slander good men in our nation. They have paid off people and offered bribes to get their way. Forgive us Lord for tolerating this process. We renounce all bribes, and the selling out of innocent people for a bribe. Father end it now. We ask you to bring vindication to those innocent that have been slandered on the front line. Forgive us oh God for not rising up sooner. We ask you to release your warrior angels to bring this spiritual trespass and war to an end. Remove them, if they’re guilty of treason give President Trump ability to make them accountable. We choose this day to walk in unity and wait for you to move. We ask you to declare these things in your courts and to render these heretics, guilty of their crimes. We ask you to remove the branches completely, from our nation and give us the opportunity to become the spotless bride you always wanted.

In Yeshua’s name,



ยฉ๏ธ copyright, 2019, Melissa Leggett