We’re on the brink of something beautiful, don’t be swayed by what you see. I’ll turn this situation, just keep your eyes on Me. The tales of kingdoms now arise, the truth under attack, I’m tired of my people living life in lack. Take up your cross and follow Me, not many will right now, but some will come, you fight for them, and I will show you how. It’s not in waste, it’s not in ruins, the desert will rise again. The things you see, the things you hear, are ready to begin. It will be rough, just ride it out. I’ll sustain you to the end! Don’t get caught off your guard, prepare and enter in. Thanksgiving and your praises will make it bloom again.

No time to waste, for time is short, get trained by Me real quick. The prophets time is moving now, and this time it will stick. The silence of the Lamb’s is over, I’m calling the kettle black. I’m saving you all so you may go, and they will know your chosen. I’ve said it once a thousand times, and thousand times before, My bride will be forever, and evil will be no more. Then justice rises up for now and such a time as this, It’s time that you will all press in and feel the marital bliss. I’m God your Husband, and your Father, I will not let you go. Though prophets of Baal would like to see you all be brought so low. There is no race, no color of skin that he wouldn’t like to destroy,  But mark My words, and you know this, your God will not be mocked! I’ve armies of a thousand fold to head up this global war. I said free will, I meant it yes, and that will be My choice. No hindrance to the Saints of God, to pull in my harvest flow. Get ready for the great big bang from heaven up above, For shock waves will ring and towers will fall, promised by the end of the month. Store up some bread and watch for famine, because I am dealing with the leaven. Money changers everywhere will have to scratch their heads, for none of them have honored Me, and now it’s torn to shreds. 

My people will eat and they will prosper, simply because it’s wisdom they foster. Now make your beds and clean your sheets, for the enemy will be in defeat. Don’t be swayed by what you see, this season just focus right on Me.
I said it once and I don’t lie, don’t take bribes, the price was paid, when my son died. I love My son’s, I love my daughter’s,  A miracle’s coming, and sounds of laughter. Hang on tight and pay attention, the enemy’s about to feel some tension. Time to stay home and make provision, avoid the disasters and failed decisions. Worship Me in Spirit and truth, and keep your tongues from getting loose. I’m coming here to ransom My bride, so all will see that I’m alive. I’m pleased with some but not with others. Choose whom you’ll serve, for this time it will matter. My word already says you can’t have two masters. Love the one and hate the other, But I will spit you out and it’s not a bother.

 Off the fence and choose your side, for in this season I shall divide. Be ready My Saints to meet the call, be ready to catch those when they fall. The harvest is plentiful and it is for now, don’t question the why, when or how. The doors will open when I see fit, hang on in there and wait for it. It will be spectacular, mark My words, I care for My children even more than the birds. The money will switch, the tide will be turned, but please hold on to all that you’ve learned. I need My bride to rise in this time, and pull in the harvest and do it right. Don’t be swayed by what you see, for faith is the clue that you all need. I’ll bring you all through it, don’t you dare give up,
I’ll swing the door open for the prophet to go first, then the saints will go forward and March with a fist. New authority people to take down the one, that’s been pulling the strings and holding the gun. Murderous nations and leaders too will pray they had not murdered the few. Justice is calling out from the deep, their plans, and ideas will lie in a heap. I’m done with disasters and I’m done with the floods of My people in courtrooms, and jails, and the mud. The ministries flowing corruption will dry, the mouths of the wolves will be silenced instead. For they’ve kicked Me out so they could be the head. Christ is the head of My true bride, they’re rebelling instead and taking a bribe. One more call is all that I’ll give, come out come out if you wish to live!

When the doors swing open, just walk on through, the Holy Spirit will guide the words you will use. I’m proud of the Bride, I have in My corner, just watch and see if I will not adorn her.