So we have all been hearing how censoring would get worse as time goes on but I don’t think we knew how deep it could be. Not only censoring but spying. We have had infiltration in the past but not to this level. We may have more as time goes on. The war we are in is real and a discredit campaign has gone out to throw people off away from truth. So be it. We see them and we have God on our side. Armor up guys and girls!

Yesterday afternoon we noticed there was a very strange thing happening in the administrative settings on our page.  It explained why people were missing or seem to be missing while other admins could still see them. My settings were changing and I couldn’t figure it out why. Now this is just our theory at this point so don’t quote us but the basic gist is cloning. 3 different people showed up as an admin with full rights to my chat group but these were not people that I had authorized. Upon further investigation the only explanation was another person had taken over the chats and been using them to mess around in our chats. After noticing the names changing within minutes of each other my admin and I decided we had no choice but to delete the chat. I removed everyone from it because there is no way to know who brought it in. We will keep you posted as to where we go or what we do. We pray you will all understand at this point. We do have backup channels that some have already been in.  We are praying for direction. Ironically we started a fast yesterday and will be going for 6 days. Please feel free to join us. We need the help. At this time noone new will be added and our vetting process will be evaluated and adjustments made. Many blessings to all of you wonderful warriors and to the spies!!

Jesus sees you!


Have a blessed day!