He doesn’t look for perfection in this fallen sinful world. Thank God he is so loving and looks at the heart of the person. That’s where discernment comes in. Having good discernment helps you distinguish the spirits, good or bad. It isn’t a judgement. It’s divine revelation given to you by a Father who wants you prepared for anything. His word says we are not ignorant of the enemies devices, but it has recently been brought to my attention that when we are deceived as Eve was in the garden, he still holds us accountable. It’s not perfection the Lord is looking for, it’s obedience. We as the body of Christ need to operate without judgements but we desperately need discernment. Evil hearts will always be evil if it’s not yielded over to God. Our hearts are what’s important. Even in a day and age where we should test the spirits we must also be mature enough to know there’s room for error. Solid food is for the mature and this is something many are lacking, maturity.

I’m reminded of an evening driving the youth around to youth group one of my students got in the car and went off on another student. He was very angry this student was leading a double life acting one way at school and then acting another way at church. I had to tell him he was out of line and we would speak with youth director after service. Thankfully I was surrounded by mature leadership who identified the problem quickly. The youth director rerimanded the student for not respecting me and the other student by keeping up the argument in my car and then released him. He then turned to me and explained that this angry student was in fact a prophet and prophets don’t naturally know how to walk things out in love, they are born to call people out, to expose things and try to bring correction but if their harsh they will need to be taught a different way and that as a ministry that’s training them it was our job to help them see the proper way to handle situations. I was so grateful that this leadership had recognized the issue and gave me tools to go forward rather than leave me hanging, not understanding. This is not the case in most churches. We’ve been taught or programmed to make assumptions without ever asking the Lord to expose the hearts of those we’ve judged. In many religious settings it’s the appearance on the outside that we are focused on and we become sort of mesmerized by the idea that we are right and these people are wrong. This should not be. We need wisdom and discernment if we are to be of any service to God. If I would have acted rashly towards that student I could have squashed his gifts, made him feel inadequate or important but with discernment being the key, we derailed any plan of the enemy to squash him. Stirring up the gift that’s in us is wonderful but we need to train our senses to know good from evil and these days it can be critical if we are to advance the Lord’s kingdom. Finding a tribe, so to speak that will be mature enough to allow these types of environments isn’t always easy but I encourage you all to try.  Thank God he isn’t looking at all the little mistakes we make but he’s looking at our hearts. Are they wicked, evil, or deceiving? If there’s a root of evil, get it out. If your gifts are used to judge, stop. Discernment is to avoid the trap, not set one for others. We have to be careful not to grieve the holy spirit. It’s the Lord’s desire that all would be saved and we need to have that attitude also. Not everyone will have the ability to discern between spirits but everyone has a very valuable gift and a very important role to play in the days ahead. Just because you don’t discern the same thing that another one does, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. There’s always a bigger picture and God loves to put the plan together for you. Search the matter out and don’t write people  off too quickly. Maturity is the key.