In many instances the religious spirits cannot stand the discerning. They label discernment, judgement. The times that we are in now, this will only get worse.

Discernment is being able to see through the person to the spirit they are coming in. The enemy hates this because he uses all of us when he can, to wreck others or to sabotage each individual. Why would he ever want to be caught or exposed?  When the bible says “the heart is deceitfully wicked”, God wasn’t lying. For those walking in true discernment one must be very cautious as to how that gift is used. God did not give us that ability so we can run around breeding false accusations and gossip, but certain circles right now do not understand this. If God gave us any gift at all, I highly doubt he is ok when it is misused.

Suspicion is for the privacy of your own mind and not for the blurting out of your mouth. Suspicion has it’s place if used correctly. It can start and spur investigation that leads to discovery or the apprehension of criminals. If you are suspicious of someone listen to it but keep it on the down low. You need to find like minded people to help you search it out, but it should never be blurted out in immature circles and amongst religious spirits. One must remain mindful of how God views you and the other person as well as how you both operate. This needs to be examined amongst the right circles so you don’t fall into error. Keep in mind God only exposes things so we can pray, discern, and avoid a trap. God doesn’t take the gifts away from those who misuse it, but we can see warnings about the power of life and death is in the tongue, we see verses that speak about to much that is given, much is required. Scripture must be followed when suspicions are raised and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.

When a vendetta against the innocent is being harnessed and released by you, remember God judges the heart. You do not want to be used by the enemy in this way. It is better to hush until God gives you a strategy and a direction.  In this “truth movement” we are currently in the only tactic the enemy has is false accusations. The enemy taps into people and causes them to spread lies, he does this through the wicked motivation in a person’s heart. It is happening everywhere and God is not happy with it. He put us here to make a difference in the world, to separate ourselves from ALL EVIL and to worship him in spirit and in truth. The anti-christ spirit will always rise up in opposition of this. I really sense the main reason things are so ugly out there is because way too many false teachers and preachers gave everyone permission to just use their gifts in any way possible, no need to take obedience to God seriously. I have witnessed that first hand and I could never figure it out why it was ok to be gay and prophesy, or be living in sin and prophesy. Just because we can do it with permission from pastors and teachers, doesn’t mean we should. In my opinion a sinful indiscretion, especially of the sexual sin type disqualifies people from ministry until they sit down a spell and are restored and repentant. I do not seek advice, guidance, or opinions from those who do not walk uprightly but the more time goes on the more I realize the church out there or the religious even do not feel this way. The anti-christ spirit has convinced them their heart condition and their spiritual condition is fine. It also confirms my own suspicions when they do speak or prophesy they are usually way off. It is so funny to me how those who scream the loudest and make the biggest deal out of things end up getting caught in embezzlement, adultery, or corruption. It is a characteristic that is undoubtedly, identifiable and avoidable. If a person lacks integrity and self control and wanders around running their mouth on false accusations snd gossip, and professes Christianity, keep in mind that is not a suspicion or judgement but a fact. If we choose to engage and follow them then we open ourselves up to deception. God has warned us about the fellowship between light and darkness. Nowhere does it say we should pair up, follow, partner, or anything else with these types. We have got to learn to keep our houses clean and leave the filth outside. We do not need to fellowship with these people and God is never going to expect us to rub elbows with these types. We cannot love our lives and our comfort more than God. He gave us these verses for a reason and many ignore their meaning their context and their warning. They just quote scripture left and right and use it to justify their sin. As times goes on these types could be used by satan to usher in the anti-christ, I mean after all the deception that is coming will have a great falling away. Why will that be? Because so called christians fall into the trap of betraying each other even to the death? It’s already happening today. If the power of life and death is in the tongue and slander and gossip is your friend, I would be questioning myself first to see how wicked I have become. God’s true Ekklesia doesn’t walk with revenge in mind, it doesn’t walk in elitism, and it certainly doesn’t lie or bear false witness because we are angry at truth.

It is a curse to behave this way and have no conviction and your future is sketchy without repentance. Learn to identify true discernment from God verses suspicion. Learn to recognize your own heart and motivation. We will be judged one day by the Almighty judge and we don’t want the blood of the innocent on our hands. We are in big trouble if we continue to link arms with hypocrites. The times are dark, remain in the true light of God and dont fall for the fake christians and the new age light workers who have an appearance of godliness but deny his power. Keep your hearts pure guys. It is the only way to avoid the trap that satan has set for the church. God bless!

Prayer of repentance


Bless us Lord, and forgive us for calling evil, good, and good, evil. Forgive us for hating truth so much that we will dishonor your prophetic truth tellers, forgive us for bearing false witness because we hate the truth. Lord, save us from this hypocritical, anti-christ spirit. Let the demise of the wicked NOT be our portion, but instead let us walk uprightly and humbly before you so we may have your favor on us and our family. Help us not become weary in this battle of the mind and help us to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Let me see the wicked before I dine with them or follow them. Let my heart, spirit, soul, and mind warn me of the coming danger, and let me not be used by the wicked one to destroy others. Help me walk away unscathed by those who hate the truth and will conspire to slander truthers and destroy their reputations in the name of Christ. I declare this wickedness must end.

Forgive us for buying every word a tale bearer brings and never go to you for clarity. Forgive us for worshipping voices of those masquerading as believers and quoting scriptures. Help us to spot these evils before getting caught in their chat room or their social media accounts.

Break off the deaf/mute spirit and the spirit of oblivion and witchcraft that wants us unaware of satan and his “lightworkers”. Help me to discern them correctly Lord and avoid the trap they set, in Jesus name. Amen