©️ copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett


forgive us for siding with an evil agenda and for accepting bribes at all costs, even the cost of another human being. Forgive us for turning a blind eye while your creation has been murdered, mutilated, and destroyed. Forgive us for any involvement we have had in treating humanity with contempt, for not honoring the laws in your word, regarding the following and much more:

1. Honoring father and mother,

2. Respecting our elders,

3. Sticking up for the poor, the widows, and the orphans,

4. Doing the prophet no harm,

5. Letting the little children come to you

and countless other principles outlined in your word.

Forgive us for allowing leaders in high places who practice pedophilia and human sacrifice, forgive us for supporting wicked organizations and corporations that do not support or value life, forgive us for allowing abortion to be performed in our country, forgive us for not recognizing that you care about ” every tribe and every nation” and you have always known there was a deep evil in the earth with an agenda to destroy us. Forgive us for giving them legal right to do it through our sinful practices, Forgive us for being deceived by this nephillims agenda and for not giving credit where credit is due, good or bad! We have not gotten to roots or maybe the digging has been too deep or over our heads that we gave up, forgive us. What we have allowed to be or stay hidden has almost destroyed us. These issues need to be investigated and searched out. In some ways we have been trespassed against by the angels that kept not their first estate. Please forgive us for our deception. Even Eve had consequences for her deception Lord. You hold all of us accountable. Help us search the matter out.

Please remove religious pride that gives us false humility. Lord, while man looks on the outward appearance you are checking our hearts. Forgive us for being self serving and self preserving when clearly you love the cheerful giver. We are lacking understanding. Please release your revelation to me and my family line in this matter.

Lord Jesus, forgive us for thinking more highly of ourselves than others and using our political, social, or entertainment platforms to spread our own opinions to discredit other people and dishonor their reputations because we think more highly of ourselves. Forgive us for being willing to succumb to the evil forces if the price is high enough. Lord please forgive us for sacrificing our own loved ones, and covenant partners and friends in order to somehow make ourselves look better. We are sinful Lord and need to be shown or reminded of how this is operating in our own life. We have locked others in a pyramid scheme by using them in some form or fashion to make ourselves look good and come out on top but never recognizing that you Almighty God sent people to assist us, we have enslaved these people by discrediting them and dishonoring them and not showing loyalty to you in “being our brothers keeper”. We have asked for help and in some cases thrown the help under the bus. Lord, please help us not be so quick to sacrifice our brothers and sisters, forgive us for wanting and seeking wealth “at the expense of others” and for turning a blind eye to the sacrificing going on. Lord, you sent your son Jesus into the world as the ultimate sacrifice, you did this so we all could be free. Forgive us for deciding and playing God as to who deserves freedom, forgive us for allowing wicked leaders to destroy your creation and the jewels of our spirit. Lord I confess that you look at each human being as your wealth, and we should come into agreement with your agenda to set the captives free, we should choose life daily and quit trying to build a gateway to God by using other people. Forgive us for allowing or being involved in, whether knowing or unknowing, with any illuminati, new world order, Freemasonry, Babylonian or nephillims agenda. Forgive us for trading humanity for 30 pieces of silver and for playing God, deciding who makes the cut and who doesn’t, deciding who is worthy and who isn’t, and for siding with the depopulation of the world by not being “our brothers keeper!”

We know you have a great and awesome plan for America, we know that your word says the wealth of the wicked is layed up for the righteous. We need to check ourselves and we need to ask your forgiveness first, for not recognizing where our treasure should be, not in things of this world but in things of you, in being good stewards of humanity and your creation first and foremost. Forgive us for thinking we’ve repented enough, Forgive us Lord and turn this around. Release me and my family line from any hold Babylon has had on us, release us from any mesmerization we’ve had over material possessions and things.

Lord, we confess that all we have and all we are, belongs to you. It is the Lord who gives and takes away. Please teach us oh God to value humanity, please help us choose to be life giving, life speaking and to stand up for the unborn and the elderly, the poor and the widow. Father, help us to be faithful in little, so that we may be faithful in much and help us oh God to be good stewards of the provision you given us. Remove the slavery mentality from our hearts, help us destroy the pyramid scheme and break others out, and help us all move forward into our birthright. In Jesus name,