My dream is to be a homesteader. I love the idea of farm animals and growing my own food. I love the freedom it brings to take a break from the 9-5 and come to a place of serenity where I can enjoy God’s creation. Since I have that desire I do alot of research and recently ran across a documentary on Netflix called “sustainable”. Now this type of lifestyle isn’t for everyone but I gained spiritual insight watching this film. It’s all about leaving our world a better place for the next generation, the film is speaking of the dangers of genetic modification. The same is true and can be said of our spiritual lives. The Bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities in wicked places. For years I wondered what that meant, was it powers that could be seen by man or powers that had to be discerned? Now I realize that it’s both. There’s many things that must be discerned. The powers that be have sought to have their own bloodlines. They’ve sought to breed a bloodline of anti Christ agendas and they’ve been very successful. They have sought to rise to the high places, in some case that may be the top of the ladder at a major corporation or it may be the top of the tallest peak in a foreign country. These powers and principalities seek to make humans slaves. They seek to use the open doors of believers and unbelievers alike to breed the agenda of the new world order. They seek to make us co-dependent on the powers that be rather than to make us sustainable, they seek to destroy God’s creation and they are using people caught in the web of sin and rituals.

What gets me is why have they been so successful when the church is suppose to be the head and not the tail? There will be an end time transfer of wealth for the Bible tells us the wealth of the wicked is layed up for the righteous. It’s coming now. The church needs to be sustainable. We need to think for ourselves and govern ourselves based on what God’s word has laid out for us. It’s nice to turn to others for spiritual leadership but we have to be able to have freedom enough to decide and discern for ourselves. The bloodline of the new world order is in direct rebellion against God’s plan. That bloodline may even be using people you know, love and worship with, to discourage you and speak against you thinking for yourselves and the plan God himself has for your life. We have to leave this world a better place for the next generation and how do we do that? It’s more than cleaning up land and growing sustainable organic fruits and vegetables, it’s getting our spiritual roots back to organic, free from the principalities influence and genetic modification of our souls. It’s bothered me the scripture about when the Israelites were released from 400 years of captivity and the Lord told them they were free, many of them begged the Lord to place, a ruler over them. God came and set them free, released them to govern themselves and they didn’t want it. Why? What’s in humanity that makes us feel safer when were be governed over by man? Why do we seek so much approval from other sources when God’s already behind you and ready to support you?

Back to the farm sustainability now, one thing I’ve learned is that through farming and, tilling, and harvesting your own land, you are dependent on your own family, your own tribe or neighborhood so to speak. Your successes and failures fall on everyone’s shoulders and not just the lone wolf. You have to have a community to really be successful, a group going the same direction. Put your hands and knowledge to work, utilize strengths and weaknesses to get the job done. To be sustainable you have to discipline yourselves to do the work to til the soil, when someone comes to wreck your soil through chemicals and pesticides a good farmer isn’t going to let it happen.  The powers that be are the pesticides and their seeking to desensitize us through subtle sins that open huge doors that have the potential to change our DNA and get us so far way from God that we may never feel the need to repent. Imagine a world of plastic people dependent on all world leaders, unable to think for themselves or rise against those leaders. Imagine a world without the freedom to revolt against tyrants and corruption. This is a chance to rise up right now with our new President. It’s a time now to take a chance that maybe the door is open for Christian leaders to take over the high places. God’s doing a quick work of removing this corrupted bloodline, but what’s next? We, the people, need to move forward and step up to the plate, God’s removing so many that may not have a conscience anymore because of the corruptible satanic acts they’ve been involved in. We need now to move into these places, we need to teach true sustainability, which is in my book under “God’s government of the land is true sustainability”. We can try in and of ourselves to leave the world a better place, we can fall for the lies of the corrupt leaders and the science based genetic modification or we can follow God’s basic principles and be “Good Stewards” of the land he’s given us!  Get ready to take back our land completely, and to take back the west coast. Clean up our acts and repent for how far things have gone and then get ready to take your positions. We’re going to need to step up. We have to teach the next generation not to open these same doors again. We have a window of opportunity and God’s waiting for the revealed sons of God to govern themselves based on the relationship they have with God. We can be trusted when God’s our government. He wants our freedom too. God bless you all.


©️ copyright, 2018, Melissa Leggett