I wanted to take a moment and share a word of knowledge with you that God’s been showing me. Lately there’s been some things highlighted about those who call themselves prophetic. Now I’ve been in this realm a long while and I only have my life experiences to share. I do this because I’ve watched how much it helps you, the true body of Christ put clues together of your own life experiences. You can’t copy an original, even though many are trying to do just that, but what if I told you copying someone else’s gifts, perverting their words, twisting or taking out of context and what’s worse prostitution of the gifts is witchcraft? It is!

He knows everything and as Q has said before, He has it all. GOD has it all, he sees that some want fame so badly, and want to be the center of attention, or worse, the prophet of mass destruction,  that he has had to give us discernment. The motivation of the heart for these things is what makes you fall into error. You can’t teach a person to prophesy, you can’t send them to acting school to be an accurate prophet. That’s a gift that only comes from God, it’s the Holy Spirit breathing truth in an individual and giving them the ability to speak it out in God’s timing. Prophesying a current event after that event has already happened, isn’t prophesying. In fact, it’s word magic and many are doing it. You have got to notice the details because unfortunately the devils there. The enemy is so cunning and crafty. It isn’t all their fault though, these so called prophets. It is actually the fault of the leaders they sat under. Making everything ok without any convictions. Did you know there is even a ministry school that teaches to not bring up Jesus as to confuse or offend the audience? That’s right folks, people pay to attend a “ministry school” that teaches them not to bring up Jesus. What does the Bible say about denying Jesus before man? And yet people out there right now have attended that ministry school and call themselves prophetic. I myself call that pathetic.

Learn to watch for the signs and understand that these types of ministry schools and prophets are false. Understand that many are called but few are chosen. Raise your standards guys and get to know your God. Test every word and every spirit. Research the schools and ministers these people claim to have sat under. So many have been in error. Remember making excuses for false teachers and prophets is condoning their lies. When deception creeps in you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Like God once told me “go research the denomination of the church you grew up in”. When I did that, I saw for myself who the prophets of mass destruction were. They are unstable people who have created a platform of word magic, and they become very angry and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want from you. They only repent in the public eye so as to keep deceiving the people into giving them another chance. They’re charismatic liars prophesying current events or talking in circles repeating true prophets words and trying to infiltrate the true prophetic. Stop letting it happen. When you know God and his character you will be much better off. You will be able to tell who is who and hopefully make it through the narrow gate when the time comes. There’s nothing worse then the fate these fakes will face..the words “depart from me you evildoers, for I know you not”

We can all hear from God. Not a single one of you need a prophet to navigate your life. Prophets of God are there to help you steer through the narrow gate, prophets of mass destruction will put you on a cliff or worse push you into the pit. Listen to still small voice and ask God questions. Hear him for yourself and repent when you need to. We don’t have time to waste on lies and deception. We are in a war for your soul and the soul of America. We all need to be hearing from God and the ones who put him as the head of their households. Not the ones running around wanting to be the head!! In my opinion there’s way too many talking heads! Choose wisely who you follow!