It’s been mind boggling to see the things going on in mainstream media recently. So many things are being spoken from the pulpit and the platforms. We’ve got pastors and evangelists, movie stars and government leaders, radio hosts and television celebrities all speaking words. On the surface we want to take their words seriously and believe them but some of us have a check in our spirit that something’s just not right. I’ve been getting emails proving this point. Let me first just say “you’re absolutely right!”. When someone’s words aren’t lining up with our spirit or we’re not having that aha moment so many in the Christian realms depend on, we need to go with it. Dont discredit them, but be willing to test the spirits and search the matter out. Liars, cheats, wolves in sheeps clothing have all been called. The sounds been released that says “all hands on deck!” The enemies spoken to all of them through their open doors has positioned them to show up and infiltrate God’s camp, the Country he is moving in right now.

It’s their motivation for doing these things that some of you are discerning. We have to check ourselves all the time to make sure we’re in Gods will and that our hearts aren’t being manipulated to do a thing. I so respect John and Lisa Bevere and their teaching on “Good, or God?” John explains that when Eve saw the tree was good for food she ate of it. He explains that Eve wasn’t attracted to the evil side of the tree. She was attracted to the good side. Illumination wasn’t good for the garden obviously. The Lord warned us, but why? Because, I believe it is the heart motivation that leads the people astray. When we are drawn to the sort of euphoria that comes in some spiritual atmospheres, our motivation for such things is wrong. We need to be constantly looking at our Creator in worship, not looking for a drunk experience at an altar, or some kind of acknowledgement or elevated position by pursuing ministry. We need to ask the Lord if he’s ok with us pursuing these things.

In the prayer calls, I am painfully aware sometimes that there are spies in the camp, when I am out and about I am aware at times people are befriending only to betray. It’s a fact of life. Whenever God’s moving you can bet there will always be a counterfeit rising up, or someone willing to compete with you. I’ve learned not to be concerned with competition however, because you can’t compete with the annointing, in fact when you try to compete with an annointing, you open yourself up for failure. God had special laws outlined in His word about not touching his annointed. Your better off to find out what your niche is instead of trying to create a counterfeit. Spirit lead ministry exploits is best. Reinventing the wheel to hopefully provide something better than your competition is immature and shows a lack of discernment. God will always give you a niche if you ask for it. We are unique individuals called by God to do things that are very unique. We can’t expect a huge blessing if we run ahead of God cursing and competing with others out of jealousy or strife or fear. Your ministry will always be watered down and minute compared to those walking in the anointing of God. We dont have to be experts in every area and step on those in the same field out of fear we won’t get our part. Trust me God has enough to go around. Unfortunately when God reveals the evil,ugly, dark hearts, I’m unusually not able to return to those places. Once God shows me and exposes the heart of a man or woman, I can’t let them speak in to my life anymore. When the light comes to give you insight, you’re then accountable to God for your actions. Don’t question it, just get out. Don’t let dark hearts have the opportunity to dim your light. Discerning spirits is a controversial gifting. Once you’ve discerned a dark heart you needn’t worry about having friends because anyone in darkness will now feel uncomfortable around the likes of you. In most cases the minute you confront them they manifest ugly all over you. That’s ok. Dust off your feet as the word says and Trust God, lean not unto your own understanding, just take the rejection and move on. It’s for your own protection the Lord reveals things. Don’t discredit the Holy Spirit by ignoring the check in your spirit. If it walks like a duck it’s a duck, if it sounds like a false teacher, it probably is. If a person doesn’t acknowledge a need for repentance, that’s a huge red flag, if a person can’t reveal something right now because the lord wont allow it, well I’d be testing that spirit too. The true Holy spirit does nothing in secret. If a person doesn’t acknowledge their own faults, red flag. Dont wait till the red flag becomes bloodshed and emotional destruction. Get out, separate yourselves from ugly hearts, so that no deception will be found in you. If you actually are the ugly heart, then I encourage you to repent, repent for being manipulated into doing things that Gods not doing. Above all else in these days, beware the wolves in sheeps clothing. Bless you all!.


©️ copyright, 2020, Melissa Leggett