So,  many decades ago there was a ruling council on the earth that worked with heaven to maintain righteous laws and decrees. It wasn’t a church with a big building and fancy platforms with entertaining shows. It was a council that ruled what was lawful and permitted by God. In fact you couldn’t even move into a town without permission from this council. Imagine what it would be like if God’s people were to truly grasp this concept again? When certain issues come up, a council would investigate and see if it lines up with Gods plan for the world, the nation or the City. If it didn’t, then they would forbid it from happening.  One of the reasons, I believe we don’t see this happening right now  is that the children of God don’t know their worth yet, and they don’t know who they are in Christ. The enemy has stripped us of authority and inserted doubt and unbelief.

If we are ever able to truly grasp all that God chose us to bind and loose and exercise authority over,  not only in a warfare prayer but in a legislative prayer, that binding and losing would basically be forbidding and allowing and the world would be a different place. Our prayers would look a little more confident and direct and be more  effective. We would walk in, not arrogance, but in confidence knowing what God’s saying and what he wants to see happen. We would be willing to go investigate and check on the enemies plans in order to challenge their plans in our prayers.

My hope is that we would activate and use our discernment to sniff out the culprit and escort him out of our nation, our states and cities. The problem is the counterfeit church. That counterfeit believes that life should be accepted for whatever is thrown at it. We take the blows knowing God is control, we hand over authority to the new world order because hey after all our pastors told us to submit quietly and peaceably, they even use scripture to back it up. We’re taught the Pastor will handle it and we need not do anything and all the while God put his children in rulership and dominion over the earth. Its such a travesty to go through life never realizing you’re the one who had the power all along. There’s an old princess movie I used to watch with my nieces called Ella enchanted. In it, the princess was given, as a baby, the gift of obedience. She grew up doing what everyone told her to do. Her family wished to hide it from the masses so they wouldn’t take advantage of her. Well the mean girl, jealous, villain found out and started giving orders. Towards the end of the movie she realizes she had the power to disobey all along. Its a perfect illustration of life today. The enemy has used word magic. It’s so deeply rooted in our education system and abroad. Its programming and the enemy has done it well. He takes certain words and inserts trauma to reinforce what activation they want to initiate. By issuing pain or fear attached to those words, they then become triggers. I’ll give an example, and just so you know it happens in every walk of life. It’s a subconscious programming so the powers that be can control the masses. We have all been under it and its the primary reason I believe that so many are walking in fear and need deliverance. We all have triggers. Here is my example, when my dad passed away, I was on front row pew of church sanctuary at our Christian school when my mom planned to come in and tell us of his passing. She never got the chance because as I was sitting in that pew my 5 year old cousin was playing and acting silly rolling around under the pew. My grandmother leaned down in front of me and told her to “get up and sit down, uncle Dave went to bebwith Jesus today”!

For years after that I believed Jesus had taken him from me. I believed a lie about Jesus for so long. It caused a separation for me and him. A block where I no longer viewed Jesus as a protector because in fact Jesus took my protectors from me. That was my lie I took on as truth. It wasn’t until 15 or so years later learning I could ask God questions that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes. He shared with me that the enemy traumatized me in that church so I’d leave and never follow Christ. He wanted me disillusioned with God, blaming him. He wanted me to work for him or be destroyed. That’s the way it is with all of us. The enemy wants to pervert the gift in you, he needs it to pull off his magic tricks. He needs infiltrators and false preachers and teachers wounded and separated from the truth so they will never teach it. See the problem yet? Satan knows your worth, he knows God gave you dominion over certain things, he just doesn’t want you to find out. It’s the biggest manipulation and deception the enemy has been able to launch. They traumatized us so we would be their pet. We would go into fear and be rendered ineffective. He wants the soul of America even more now as we are inching closer and closer every minute to our destiny. He is using trigger words more and more now. Words like “COVID IS KILLING SO MANY”, ” OR “SO MANY WILL DIE!”.  Why do you think he’s doing this? Because he knows how many people are scared of death. He’s studied the psychology of man and he knows us and what makes us scared. There’s many other fear factors here the enemy can use. Things like the fear of inadequacy, the fear of man, the fear of being alone. Covid has done that as well, made many fear being by themselves. We’ve all watched or heard of others with sick loved ones who have had to go to the hospital alone and suffer sickness without us. Some have seen family members die alone.

The enemy knows the body of Christ better than we know ourselves. God however tells us in his words, the words of truth and not of magic, that he has given us spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. His words of truth tell us that perfect love casts out all fear and that love conquers all. In some families we’ve never experienced that kind of love where protection exists and you’re safe. Many childhoods have been tainted by trauma so we grow up not knowing who we are. Word magic becomes an easy set up in the minds of those wounded. We become timid, shy, scared of the truth, not willing to educate ourselves for fear of failure. Another fear tactic of the enemy. We haven’t been taught to emerge triumphant and victorious over these fears. We’ve been taught to nurse our fears and lick our wounds. Much religion has reinforced this with teachings that tell us we’re suffering with Christ and we should be OK with that.  Not exactly! God called us to be overcomers. He gave us the power to trample on snakes and scorpions. We have the power to  disobey the fears and laws of Satan. We just need to spend some time identifying the real issues as to why its a trigger and then we need to take its power away. The truth is, God allowed us to experience the trauma and live to tell about it. The worse is already over. We can’t continually live in fear of something happening again. These are familiar spirits trying to suck your authority and he’s doing it through word magic. They’ve used words to activate people with wounding. We can stop this. Search out these words and find out why you feel angry, sad, scared. Find out where you lack faith. Ask God why the words send you into turmoil. Down play the programming, process through it and then rise up in faith right now. God’s never told us to be tolerant of what’s being dished out. He told us to be overcomers. He’s called us to overcome. He’s called us to be sons and daughters and he’s already said its the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out. He wants us fully equipped to know what we need to know to overcome. It’s no time to fear. It’s time to know your enemy and his word magic so you won’t be fooled. The world would love to get us to believe we are doomed, he would love to get you to be so scared you give up. Don’t let it happen. It’s a masquerade and smoke and mirrors. Its a facade. God’s always had a plan to rescue humanity and even if we perish we end up in eternity with him. Let him rescue you by giving him just a mustard seed of faith right now. Know that a majority of deep state church and government has studied word magic and the human psychology. Know that even Eve accepted the lie and know that during this next move of God we have the ability to stand and see the Salvation of our Lord. Down with word magic! We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood and we need everyone we can find to walk forward in faith, no fear. Don’t let the words play tricks on you. Know your enemy and his psychology. He’s very predictable. Nothing covert about him at all. We are not ignorant of satans devices. Speak blessings and life. Don’t be a word magician right now. Choose your words deliberately and wisely. Speak life over America and life over your families. Work through trauma so triggers are less and less. Don’t be afraid of the truth, for God’s already said we should know the truth and the truth will set us free.