Divert the waters, divert the waters!!
A way in the desert!

Isaiah 43:19 “i am doing a new thing saith the Lord. It springs up now. Go forth and take hold of it. I planted this way in the desert long ago but some children have defiled it. They try to take my way and put their name on it. This move will be righteousness. Its not me if its not righteousness. Why does my word say “you who revere my name the son of righteousness will rise with healing in her wings?” True healing comes by repentance!! Who will prepare the way of the Lord when repentance is far from them? Ive done a new thing in the desert and its time is now. Run from the false river to the river of justice. Plant yourselves firm in repentance. Call a solemn assembly and pray for rain for without rain the river will not flow. Theres a river in the desert unseen to mans eye. Open the wells the deep deep wells and do not dig in the mud. Search for the true well the well of revival. Its not found in compromise, its not found in fear, its not found in sloppy grace. Repent for sloppy grace and speak the truth for if you dont the drought will overtake you. Come into my presence and heed my warning. Time is short and its time for my refuge to be built on truth. I need you to rise its always been for such a time as this and it was never meant for self gratification and mans loyalty to himself. Repent and change the course of the river. Not to the west but to the east. Raise up and repent. No church will see the Abundance of my well unless its a house of repentance. Go now, go quickly do not delay for the word of the Lord speaks of a season, a harvest season. Leave your flaws, leave your mistakes and flee to the hour of the Lord. Its homegrown! its always been homegrown. The desert is marked for a refuge take hold of it now, seize the warning put away all corruption for now is your last chance.  The river is mine saith the Lord no corruption will be found in it. The river of justice, the river of my inheritance. None can have it nor will i share with those in sin. Come up now to a higher place do it for your safety. Abide in me and uproot evil for the house ive created you for is upon us now. Dont look back, rather mourn for your descendants for evil days are here. Mourn for those who do not mourn the ways they walk in. Plow the fields plant the seed and call a solemn assembly. Do it now! do it now! do it now!! You mar ried the Egyptians!  now awake and take back your inheritance for if you don’t it will be taken from you. Call a solemn assembly and pray for the hearts of men who are deceived. The desert is an oasis of people who have a heart for repentance. Do it now do not delay take up your cross and your pride and follow me. Do not  go back to your houses.  Follow me now! Follow me now for the deserts future depends on it. Says the Lord.