You Intercessors are my bride, you’ve been in the valley of shadows. Take heart I’m removing the shadows. I’m removing the shadow government, I’m removing red tape and you will have my blood, blood is thicker than water. Those water spirits are being removed, the cannibals are being removed. The insides of the earth are being cleansed. Prepare for reign, for it’s almost time. New platforms are rising and being prepared for you to sit on. Not only will you sit, but you will reign with me. Deborah and the righteous judges are being positioned watch the Supreme Court for I’ve promised you both (client and I on the phone) a miracle you will see in your lifetime. The Deborah’s will take down abortion. Watch the Deborah’s for some of them being sent into your path, you will need to help them find their freedom. Women will take the Supreme Court this time around. It will be the womb of my children that will cleanse the womb of the earth.  No more killing no more sacrificing. The men don’t like this but I am speaking and it will be sure. Supreme Court of the Most High God has stated already there will be no more babies murdered, wait for the sign and stay undercover. I will fund you to stay under cover but watch for the sign. Don’t move till I tell you but dont be weary either. A sign will be given and I spoke it already, my women will be elevated for they will be the judge as time goes on more and more women will come forward, stay the course. I’ve got your family and will protect them as you move forward in obedience. Men will feel compelled to open the door for you, let them. Jezebel gave my daughters a bad wrap and I’m going to deal with it, dont be surprised if they feel compelled to meet your needs. This needs to be completed. It will come fast so be ready, suitcases and gas. Be ready in season and out. Get ready to walk the halls, you might even want to take the tour. Get ready and move forward in obedience. 


©️ copyright, 2020, Melissa Leggett