Setting the stage: I walked outide after a intercessory call. Turned on some worship music to dedicate my land to the Lord now. Huge angelic presence asked the Lord he said GABRIEL has a message. I can see him all in white enveloping my whole entry way circle driveway.. the word comes during the song “Only Jesus” by casting crowns plays. look up the song and really listen. Generations of blessings are opening up for each of us. Only God could have orchestrated the way he gave this word!!

The desert (Israel and America is the bride he speaks of here) is now marked for a greater miracle., Not as anyone has ever witnessed before. The rushing waters of the occult have been stopped up. You have done well. The flow of the occult has stopped so you may now dig in the deep land of your inheritance. The great depths of my love for you now bubble up as a father hearing the first cries of his son. Lift your eyes towards the heavens to gaze on my majesty for this has always been my plan. You needn’t worry with the words of your enemies for their platforms have already fallen. My heavens have already seen them fall. The Angels I send to establish it now in the earth. No more delay, no more delay, a well springs forth now, a never ending display of resources saved and stored for now. Your families righteousness created your stockpile. The wickedness that haunted them is now a set up for blessings. They come one one after the other for in three days I took the power of sin and death and in three days I will raise my bride. She will be elevated among the nation’s with beaming light now in her eyes for the eyes of the earth have now been cleansed, the earth is now my bride, she will bask in the glow of her husband, her rivers will flow with living waters the creatures will crawl the earth in peace. Wait and watch for oil is just the beginning. There is new stones, new sounds new colors, I release them now. Look close for the clouds will reveal these colors and sounds. Look up and watch Aurora borealis for new things will come of that beauty. It’s no longer the waiting room, you will be ushered into the gates of my sanctuary, where all needs are met and all evil is gone and sacrifices are no more. In time I’ll show you more hidden things for now enter into my rest for this will be a season of much joy unknown until now. The election is mine and now it’s time to sit back and watch what I will do. It will be a short season of rest for you will be launched Into new places just as you have seen but I will give you a rest first. It will come quickly, the demise of the wicked but do not be moved by what you see for my angels have this, they’ve waited a long time to see this happen, a very long time. Ancient of days is very pleased. I didn’t need perfection, I needed loyalty. A generation of loyal children to take their authority. They’ve done well and I have heard the cries in the wilderness and I move now.
Šī¸ copyright, 2019, Melissa Leggett